Old lightning shots

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So I’ve decided to restart a hobby of mine. I’ve always been interested in photography but never really had the time or means to pursue it. So, I’ve decides that needs to change. I have my sights set on a Canon 70D. But until I get that I’ll be making the most of what I’ve got which is a GE x600 which shoots at 14.4 megapixels and a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 which shoots at 21 megapixels. I’ll use those two devices to build my portfolio while I learn the finer points of photography! A good test for me will be FRIDAY NIGHT! I’ll be seeing Lisa perform onstage again. Let’s see if I can effectively capture her beauty in a pic!

ge1 ge2










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Michael’s Log 11/24/15

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Man, time has flown by. The last time I made an entry into this thing was in 2012. Figure it’s time to dust off the old wordpress again.

2015 had been quite a year. I’ve recently started down a new path at work, I’ve been employed there almost five years. The last four and a half years, I’ve ran a crane. I’m grateful to say that I no longer run that crane, because honestly, it got boring, repetitive, and un-challenging. It took me a while to realize it though because I was comfortable with it. One day, I was challenged by my leadman to fit up a pole. I surprised myself and rose to said challenge and in the process, kind of got hooked on fit-up. This new role I find myself in can be difficult at times, but I like it! I’m also a certified .45 GMAW welder now. Certified, still have much to learn but I’m getting there.

2015 also brought some people in my past back to the present. One woman in particular whom I would always hang out with after school. Having her back in my life is a blessing. (If she sees this, I’m always here for you) I won’t say who she is, but I do ask you say a little prayer for her as she is going through the same struggle I did five years ago.

To whoever reads this, thank you, and to my friends and family, thank you for your prayers and support, past and present.( I was reading through some of my old posts)


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invading your blog to let you know i miss you my friend!

things are though now so im having no time or money to send you your xtmas gift that is collecting spider webs at my house lol, but i did not forget u!!!

and may everyone here know this!!!



Journey start!

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Saturday, I purchased a Casio CTK-551 from my local pawn shop. Since that time I have been engrossed in a Music Theory course recommended by my indie singer friend, Natalie Brown. I will spend the next week or so memorizing the notes I have taken. I am one step closer to being able to read the language of MUSIC!

And to all those who have shown me support on this journey, I thank you!


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Wow. Time has really flown! Figured it was time to dust off WordPress again. Writing has never been my strong suit, but I’m doing it anyway.

In the time since my last post, I have made a few new friends, and lost a few old ones. But a certain event last month is the reason I am writing this post.

I attended a concert in Grand Prairie, and the performer was the Legendary Yanni, and his orchestra. Lisa Lavie and Lauren Jelecovich also added some amazing vocal support. And I must say, I have never been as inspired as I was that night. Prior to going to the concert, the only Yanni music I listened to was his concert in El Morro, Porto Rico. I went expecting something similar to that. What I actually saw, blew my fucking mind. Never before have I witnessed such energy, such passion for music. Every single person on that stage is amazingly talented. And seeing Lisa perform LIVE on stage, something I’ve been wanting to see for YEARS, was the highlight of it all.

Since then I’ve acquired two more Yanni albums, Truth of Touch and The Essential Yanni. Along with the El Morro CD I already have, that is a total of fifty-seven tracks. I have listened to EVERY SINGLE ONE, MULTIPLE TIMES. His music brings me such peace, no matter how stressed I am. I’m pretty sure my neighbors are tired of hearing “The Rain Must Fall” and Niki Nana all night. Thanks to the amazingly talented and beautiful Lisa Lavie, I have discovered a whole new world of music.

I am still inspired, even though the concert was weeks ago. SO I am going to pursue learning how to play the piano. My current five year goal is to learn to play, and maybe even work alongside one of my indie artist friends. Working with people like Lisa, Natalie Brown, Maria Zouroudis, Julie Corrigan and my oldest indie music buddy Sheena Melwani would be an amazing experience.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be the next Yanni?


Common Sense

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I am writing this from a Walmart parking lot. It’s raining. Today on my drive here, I seen four auto wreck scenes. I also seen two trucks speeding down the freeway, weaving in and out of traffic, like the drivers had the flying shits and were trying to make it to a bathroom. As I was driving the on ramp from I-35 to TX-121 I came head to head with a truck that was facing me. This truck was also on its side. It could have been one of the speeders I seen earlier in my drive. I bet you that these four accidents (two of the wrecks looked like they might have had a fatality) could have been prevented by the use of COMMON SENSE. We all have common sense, but only some of us use it. Why is that? Please people, for your sake, USE SOME FUCKING COMMOM SENSE!

Michael’s Log 12/11/11

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Wow, almost Christmas time. Time can really seem to fly sometimes. Well the end of the year hasn’t quite turned out as planned, but despite that fact, I’ve managed to accomplish some major goals of mine. I finally got my own apartment again! Need some more furniture though, it’s kinda empty. I have vacation time coming February, still haven’t decided where I want to go or what I want to do. All I know is that I’m finally back on track, and after the new year passes, it will be time to pursue a few more goals of mine.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

P.s. A good friend of mine with a lovely voice (Shan Malaika) recently released her first EP. I urge you to check it out or gift it to your family or friends! http://tinyurl.com/d2upfwr


Michael’s Log 6/04/11 Goals

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Time to dust off the old WordPress.

I have been back to full time work for 130+ days, and now that I’m back on my feet its time to look ahead to the future. Time to fulfill a promise to myself and a friend to get my GED. Inspired by her recent graduation, I think I might take some college courses afterward, perhaps something in aviation or auto mechanics. When I get my vacation time, I also plan on doing some traveling, time to see sights I’ve never seen before. Hopefully my best friend can make it to the U.S. soon so I can visit her.

I also need to reconnect with good friends whom I’ve drifted away from.

Dear Mirella,

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There is always that one person you can turn to for support when times get rough. And from July 2009 to December 2010 was a pretty rough time for me. During that time I met a woman from Brazil on Twitter, little did I know, she would soon become my best friend. She had helped me keep my morale and spirits high. Thank you Mirella Lippi! Even though you’re far away, you’ll always be close in my heart!